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Guide Granny home from the store in this brutal game of dodge-the-traffic!

This game was made in a week for the Free Lives physics jam.


Mouse / Arrow keys - Rotate camera
Spacebar - Walk forward


The dog at the end is Kenzo, my beloved dog who sadly passed away during the jam.

Thank you for the years of loyalty and love! <3

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
TagsFemale Protagonist, Low-poly, Short, Survival Horror


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Windows 41 MB


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This was so intense. I thought at first just crossing the road would be too simple to do multiple times, but it's got a Dark-Soulsian feeling to learning the timings.

My favourite part though were the occasions where my granny's death caused a cascading pileup. Too bad the planes didn't veer off course after a collision :)

Was all the art done during the jam? It doesn't mention whether any assets were used in the description.

The game also looks and sounds really good (very atmospheric doppler effect in the traffic)

Thanks Evan!
Yep, all the 3D models were created by me during the jam! The sound effects I got from Soundly.

Nice job! That's really impressive work.

Is the granny driven by physics while she's walking? It seems very consistent, like an animation, but there's nice secondary animation on the fluid sack on her zimmer frame, which makes it feel like it's physics. Obviously when she's been knocked over I can tell she's a ragdoll, but I can't tell while she's walking.

It's good either way, I'm just curious about whether you got a ragdoll that consistent.

No, it's all animation until she gets hit, then it switches to the ragdoll.


Nice little game, I enjoyed watching the carnage after each failed attempt! It was a little frustrating though until I figured out I can mash the spacebar to make granny go faster :) Kudos for the checkpoints as well!